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“When you have a camera, you have a witness,” said Glenn Sasse, manager of loss control at Grinnell Mutual. “Seeing a camera is likely to deter someone considering theft and vandalism to your property.”

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Too many times, a business will go for months loosing product right out the door and not even know it. That is, until the dreaded inventory day comes. Then you find out that you have lost thousands of dollars of product by a thief. Theft that may have been preventable.

While you may have an idea who was stealing, without cameras you will have a difficult time proving it. Don’t wait to be a victim, install cameras now!

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Believe it or not, our customers have told us that they have noticed an increase of up to 35% in employee productivity just having cameras in plain sight. Between phone calls, texting, smoking or just standing around talking, valuable time and money is being wasted. It may even be possible to reduce your work force if you could just get the employees you have, to work more, and socialize less.

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Businesses are at risk for liability claims from slips, trips, and falls. In addition, employee accidents can result in costly workers' compensation claims. We all want to think the best of people in that they would never make up a false claim. But the reality is that some do.

Of course, if someone legitimately gets hurt, you do want to take care of them. But, you need to protect yourself from the ones that would take advantage of you. Get proof, get cameras!