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Apartment Homes

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Technology has come a long way from just a few years ago. High Definition (HD) cameras are popping up all over the world for specific applications that only an HD camera can deliver.

HD cameras come in a variety of flavors, from 1.3 MegaPixel (MP), all the way to 10 MP. They come in the same shapes and sizes as in the old analog cameras such as bullet, box, PTZ, dome and even hidden cameras.

The main difference is the resolution. The old cameras, at best, are 480 X 700 pixels. The lowest resolution that HD cameras come in, is 1024 X 720 or 1.3 MP.  A 1.3 MP camera will achieve the same picture quality as 4 of the best analog cameras.

A 2 MP camera is 1920 X 1080P, the same resolution as an 1080P high definition television and equivalent to 8 analog cameras.

A 10 MP camera is a whopping 3648 x 2752 which are equivalant to 32 analog cameras.

You can see why HD cameras are the obvious choice when trying to see numbers on a license plate 100 feet away.

Typical System 

Pool Tennis Courts Pool and Tennis Gates Main Gate Entrance

Clubhouse Entrances Gazebo Patio Signs

Apartment home complexes typically cover areas such as pools, tennis courts, gates and doors, gazebos, common areas, fitness centers, dumpsters and inside the club house and business offices.

 Pools are a big liability, prone to lawsuits from tenants and visitors. Most of these lawsuits are actually the fault of the swimmer. Running, jumping from the railing and just general rough housing can cause serious injury and sometimes death. Without cameras, there is no way to prove that it was not the fault of apartment complex. Such lawsuits can result in tens of thousands of dollars in damages if not more.

 Tennis courts are subject to kids, and adults sitting on the net and general vandalism. Again, cameras can identify who is doing the damage allowing owners to recoup some of the money for the repairs.

 Gates to pools and tennis courts are a great place to capture the faces of those that enter these areas. Because it is a localized area, the cameras can be zoomed in on the gate itself allowing for great detail in picture quality.

 Gazebos and patio areas are where the after hour parties occur. Again, this is another big liability area.

 Main Gate Entrance. Anyone that has one of these knows the value of cameras here. Gate repairs from cars bumping into or downright driving right through can add up to thousands of dollars damage every year. Being able to recoup those damages is a must. This is where license plate capture cameras come into play. See License Plate Cameras.

 Clubhouses and Leasing offices are another area where cameras are a must for a number of reasons. Whether it be customer service, vandalism or theft, cameras help in minimizing the owner liability.

 Signage is a great way of detouring unwanted behavior. When signs are present, thieves and vandals move on to an easier target.